The Shogun Has Arrived at Clipperton!

I received a satellite call from Bob, KK6EK announcing that they had just arrived at Clipperton:

tx5k arriving_announcement

The TX5K Team arrived at Clipperton at 8:30 PM PST – or 0430 UTC. It is dark there now (and even with a full moon they can only just make out the island), so offloading onto the island won’t start until day break.

No one got sick on the way down – all are doing well and have enjoyed the wonderful food and hospitality of the Shogun Crew.

They will take about 2 hours to search for just the right landing spot tomorrow, and if the surf cooperates, they will need all day tomorrow and a good part of the next day to offload and set up. This means the expected start of the DX-pedition going QRV is late in the day (Pacific Time) on February 28th (it will most likely be March 1st in some time zones) – which is as planned.

The team sends their thanks to everyone for your support of this DX-pedition and send their love to their families.




7 thoughts on “The Shogun Has Arrived at Clipperton!

  1. It was thrilling to hear the excitement in Bob’s voice. Thanks for the recording…and thanks, Rich, for summarizing the information as the recording was not always clear. Congratulations to the whole expedition and best wishes for a smooth landing.
    Special hellos to Walt, N6XG.

  2. Great guys, and good luck. Waiting for you… Need you on cw, please revise your operating frequency on 30m. always commercial rtty on 10103. 10104-105 will do fine.

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