DXA-2 is Now Live!

DXA, Version 2 is now operational. The TX5K Team would like to offer our profound thanks to Dean, N7XG, and Pete, W6OP for years of hard work – from Version 1 all the way through Version 2. This is something to really be proud of, guys! We would also like to thank Mike, WA6O for supporting the system and integration with WinTest, and Ed and others for making sure the satellite communications are up and running.


PLEASE NOTE: if you do not see an earlier QSO in your DXA display – do not worry, the system will be processing backlogged log files, and eventually your “greenies” will show up.

Here are some new pictures from Dave, WJ2O:


Setting up on the beach


A Boobie!


Operators Tent


Assembling an operator tent


Personal sleeping quarters


WJ2O Solar Panel


One of the 80M half square elements


Team Dinner


Team Dinner

Good Run on 40M . . . QRV on 30M, 17M and 6M Too . .

The operator on 40M is now having a great run – listen up 5 – 10 and is still on 7.185 mhz. It is going much better than when they first tried calling by numbers (the Pilots did a fantastic job communicating this – and it paid off!). This what the pileup looks like calling TX5K:


Amazingly – they are in a spot right in between contest stations – and the contesters are being very polite and letting them carve out this much “real estate”. Now this is what I call excellent behavior and “ham spirit”. No cops, no pirates, no screaming. The spots all look good in EU – with great signals being reported and access as “easy, no waiting” . . .


The team decided last night to get as many stations QRV – even before they had everything set up. It sounds like they are getting in the groove, and you will see more stations and DXA running soon.

QRV on 40M SSB, 30M and 6M EME

The first station opened on 7.184.20 and without DXA running. This station and the 6M station are QRV. A 30M CW station is also on the air.

This is just the “lead” station – more and more will be set up as time goes on.

The first station was QRV at approximately 0615 utc.

Watch the spots for now – I will let you know when DXA is running.